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  • Your so overrated


  • Just learn the free kick special and you will kick them

  • Video idea: open packs on fifa and when you get ractic end the vid

  • When is the next Utr pes career up they r sick

  • 8:45 dont think manny deeped the rabona 🔥

  • I’m being tugged when I’m trying to shoot! Me:what in the f….

  • Love the vids keep them coming

  • Hey manny if your playing with a controller you can hold RT or R2 to save your energy and jog slower

    • Thats what i do in bal but my player just sprints and his stamina runs out

  • Link for the scoreboard download?

  • Manny i think in order to take free kicks you have to be a centre attacking mid, i may be wrong but i think thats why

  • what happend to utr games??

  • Go to man utd

  • Can’t stop the shine!!

  • Graphics look the same as fifa 22

  • Bolingoli jr in his prime when his team are in trouble

  • finally

  • Curva nord ✋🔵⚫

  • Plzz make more of these vids cause I love football games but too bad I have never had any console 😔 but that's y I love watching them so much plz make them longer ❤ if u can of course and thank you for the lovely content love it soo much.

  • From italy forza inter 🔥🔥🔥

  • You didn't even remember the score at the start of the ep. If you played and uploaded a lot more, things like this will not happen and you will bring smiles to our faces

  • What is ur kids name and when will they be in a vid can’t wait

  • When the utr pes


  • I think Manny should be a CAM next year get goals and assists. Its always good to see goals but it would be cool to see the occasional ping to a striker

    • @ImWavy__ Pes career mode is better icl

    • Yeah on FIFA though

  • Upgrade the difficulty

  • Everything I see bolingoli jr my eyes start hurting

  • Next season can you please make a random character on your live. Love your content keep it up and congrats with your new marriage (I know I'm kinda late) 👍🏿❤

  • 7:50 wait I’ve seen that again haven’t I ?

  • Anyone notice that it said pes 19 on the sides

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • I can't believe u support the little donkey and the little club shinter

  • To the person reading this: Even though I don’t know you, I wish you the best of what life has to offer🖤

  • be less selfish and you'll be aite

  • PES 2022 is coming - but not as you know it. After 26 series the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise is no more, with publisher Konami retiring the name and instead calling its new sports sim eFootball

  • Serie A derbies atmosphere are the real football

  • Rip pes

  • Bolengoaless 😂 😂

  • A wise man once said You can not stop the shine

  • RIP pes, this is the last series of bal

    • @Qixo I know they called it e football but I never looked into it mb

    • no chance that game is gonna bang

    • @Qixo u never know it could bang it’s free to play ik the graphics looks worse but they’ll add bal and ml but as a dlc and manny can continue it

    • @Korede Adekoya bruh, are you living under a rock? PES isn't a thing anymore, they cancelled it. Now it's called EFootball and it's trash, there isnt even a bal gamemode

    • I don't think it's the last bal

  • Early gang sheeeeeee

  • Milan Derby? The shine HAS to come through!!!

    • @George what

    • Milan Derby? The shine HAS to come through!!!

  • Bolingoli Jr is back 🌟🌟

  • Manny pin this if bolingoli is the 🐐

  • Yesssir manny wit the great vid

  • First dislike

  • Early

  • Yes bolingoli is back 🙌

  • The Goat 🐐

  • This guy is too good

  • First